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art by @eve_reverie


Hiyo! ꒰∗´꒳`꒱♡
I'm sproutseason/リリサ, and I'm a content creator with a sprout on her head! I sing, voice act, stream, and do a bunch of other things! I go by sproutseason for va and streaming, and I use リリサ for singing!

I'm proficient in voice work and other various roles, including but not limited to: project management, audio engineering, illustration, motion graphics, and writing! I'm passionate about creating the best work that I can, and I hope that I can provide the what you're looking for!

While English is my main language, I'm able to sing and voice act in Mandarin and Japanese as well! I'm not 100% fluent in either, but I know conversational Mandarin and a tiny bit of Japanese!

Feel free to send me a DM or email if you're interested in working with me!

sample work!

Voice Acting:


Audio Engineering:

Motion Graphics:


Release DateProductionLanguageTypeRole(s)Director
Feb 2020Danganronpa 3 Sexy Potion FandubENFandubMikanWordsOfFateVA
Mar 2021アイ♡ドリ Character Intros (KNRCB-R0)ENOriginalリリサリリサ
Mar 2021Demon Slayer IN 8 MINUTESENAbridgedNezuko, KanaoThe Oreolito
May 2021Sweeping the RuinsENGameSharlottKelly Lien
Jun 2021Roaming the Apocalypse with my Shiba Inu: "Absolutism"ENFandubGirlPhantomvive VA
Jun 2021Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Fandub: Volume 3 Track 1ENFandubNah, SeveraReyCo
Jul 2021Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Fandub: Volume 3 Track 2ENFandubNahReyCo
Sep 2021Crescent Cafe Episode 0: Still Too EarlyJPOriginalリリサLinzz
Sep 2021Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Fandub: Volume 3 Track 3ENFandubNah, SeveraReyCo
Nov 2021How About A Joke, Hiyoko?ENAbridgedMikanARedgrave
Nov 2021Demon Slayer: Mugen Train IN 5 MINUTESENAbridgedNezuko, HanakoThe Oreolito
Nov 2021Friday Night Funkin: Artistic AltitudeENGame ModIndyTossler
Jan 2022Crescent Cafe Episode 1: FunJPOriginalリリサLinzz


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to recruit me for a project! If you enjoy my design work, please consider commissioning me!

I'm not comfortable with swearing or NSFW topics, so please keep that in mind before contacting me!

I'm open to live directing through voice calls! While I mainly use discord, I'm open to calling through other platforms! On that note, I don't release my discord publicly, so please contact me elsewhere first!

I look forward to working with you!!